IS 240 -- Information Systems Analysis and Design

Final presentation assignment.

This is the assignment for the final presentations for IS 240. We will hold the final presentations on Tuesday, June 13th from 5pm through 7pm in the usual GSE&IS classroom. Each team's presentation should last for 15 minutes.

The assignment is to show us your project as a design study, that is, in terms of what has been learned by exploring the design space. That includes the various levels of the service (data, interface, architecture, etc), the way the service is embedded in the community that uses it, the unifying conception of the service, and so on. The presentation need not be encyclopedic, and even though we do want you to use technical terms and notations correctly, the emphasis is not on right answers but on what's been learned from the design study.

You can use any genre of presentation you like: corporate PowerPoint, infomercial, academic talk, Greek tragedy, whatever will convey the ideas. The "what has been learned" can be conveyed through explicit bullet points, or you can let the design itself do more of the talking. The presentation itself should be designed, just as any presentation should be, but we do not require that the presentation be slick or highly produced, or that it employ labor-intensive graphics etc. None of that follows automatically from the real meaning of "design".

We will use reasonably bright lights, as we did last Tuesday evening. We will video tape all of the presentations, and we will put the videotapes on the Internet. You are welcome to edit your own group's tape before we put the tapes online. You are also welcome to run through your presentation a second or third time after everyone else is done, if you're not happy with the presentation or the tape.