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Type P
Entered 11/28/2017
Company Virtual Academic Library Environment (VALE) - Newark, NJ
Position Program Manager
Close Not Specified
Salary Not Specified
URL http://bit.ly/2AcajLb

1. Serves as a liaison to other library professional organizations in the state, the
region and the country, keeping abreast of directions, trends and
o Brings potential opportunities to the attention of the VALE Executive
o Conducts environmental scans, project overviews and activities
updates of other comparable groups for consideration by VALE
o Identifies opportunities for development and implementation of new
products and services and makes corresponding proposals to VALE

2. Works with NJEDge staff to provide a full array of financial services, with
duties including but not limited to:
o Generates and distributes financial reports to VALE officers and
Executive Committee members.
o Analyzes and tracks account revenues and expenditures
o Determines causes of variances and discrepancies
o Creates spreadsheets, report and other summaries to
communicate account status.
o Researches and resolves finance and accounting issues in
accord with policies and practice established by NJEdge.
o Recommends and coordinates transfers, as warranted.
o Adheres to fiscal policies of NJEDge.Net, NJIT and VALE.
o Coordinates the preparation of budgets and forecasts; develops and
maintains historical/current documentation of budget matters;
manages budget functions for proposals and grants; and develops and
oversees VALE policies related to financial or service operations.
o Oversees payment of VALE purchases and acquisitions (e.g., licensed
content for member institutions).
o Ensures ethical and legal compliance and fiscal propriety.
o Cooperates effectively with VALE, NJEDge.Net and NJIT auditors.
Final Revision date: 10-6-2017

3. Administrative Process Management
o Provides a full array of services dealing with administrative processes
including, but not limited to:
• Serves as liaison to the Executive Committee, NJEDge, Net and
chief library administrators of VALE member institutions, as
well as to the NJ State Library, LibraryLinkNJ, vendors and
VALE volunteers.
• With the VALE Executive Committee, directs short- and longterm
planning and strategy efforts and follows up on approved
strategic directions.
• Implements decisions of the VALE Executive Committee.
• Recommends actions and resolutions to the VALE Executive
Committee and NJEDge.Net when appropriate.
• Participates on all VALE committees as needed.
• Monitors, documents, and improves administrative procedures
for increased productivity and service effectiveness.
• Manages the VALE office within NJEDge.Net.
• Serves as VALE’s principal point of contact to all members.
• Collects agenda items for VALE Executive Meetings and helps
to accumulate materials required for its annual report.
• Insures compliance with NJEDge.Net, NJIT and VALE policies
and procedures.
• Coordinates the collection, compilation, assembly and analysis
of data for reports and projects.
• Maintains and coordinates license agreements, contracts and
affirmative actions with all VALE vendors.
• Updates general information on the VALE website and serves
as primary contact to the CMS vendor.
• Maintains confidentiality and discretion regarding appropriate
VALE business.

4. VALE Service Offerings
• Provides a full array of services to member institution libraries
including but not limited to:
o Masters the Consortia Manager program and acts as VALE’s
primary contact to the vendor.
o Insures that current services (such as database subscriptions)
are provided, monitored and maintained on the Consortia
Manager platform.
o Compiles terms of database licensing offers and presents them
to the VALE Executive Committee, and then to member
o Communicates current service offerings to member institution
Final Revision date: 10-6-2017
o Evaluates service offerings in advance of presentation to
member libraries.
o Routinely evaluates library vendors and makes effective
recommendations for new databases, streaming media, ebooks
and other service offerings.
o Communicates and manages relationships with publishers and
o Keeps current on potential service needs of the VALE
o Evaluates and communicates new library services trends and
o Takes a leadership role in the planning, implementation and
evaluation of the annual VALE Users Conference.
Required Qualifications:
• Masters in Library and Information Science or equivalent.
• Understanding of current academic library trends and needs.
• Minimum five years of experience in a library and/or business office.
• Project management experience.
• Excellent interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills.
• Extensive knowledge of MS Office software applications, especially Excel.
• Understanding and experience with complex process improvements.
Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience with the Banner financial system, especially its reports module.
• Experience with Salesforce CRM software.
• Experience in academic library purchasing, licensing and ordering.
• Experience in project management.
• Experience in general accounting practices.
• Experience working in a programmatic or leadership role of a library