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Entered 11/2/2017
Company Duke University School of Law - Durham, NC
Position Associate Dean of Information Services, Data, and Technology
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URL http://bit.ly/2h8c452
Duke University School of Law presents a unique opportunity for leadership and transformation of law school education, research, and learning at one of the world’s premier law schools and universities. The School seeks a creative and entrepreneurial leader to serve as its next Associate Dean of Information Services, Data, and Technology. From its geographic position at the heart of the Research Triangle and under the leadership of former senior associate dean Richard Danner, Duke Law School has long been in the vanguard with respect to information access and the support of research and knowledge. For example, in 2009 Duke Law School led the articulation of the Durham Statement on Open Access to Legal Scholarship in order to create common guidelines to advance the development of the public domain. Duke was one of the first law schools to successfully integrate its library services and information technology operations, to integrate its library teaching staff with the larger faculty, and to include among its resources empirical research specialists. The School seeks someone who can continue and enhance this leadership position in the complex and rapidly evolving domain of library services and data science.

The School welcomes candidates of diverse experience and expertise, including those who may not offer the conventional pairing of JD and MLS degrees. We welcome statements of interest from candidates whose backgrounds bring a different mix of perspectives and a proven record of effective innovation and leadership in the digital era or an evident indication of potential for success in these endeavors. The candidate should have a clear and transformative vision of the role of a research library and data science in the production of legal knowledge and education, strong advocacy skills, a commitment to interdisciplinary research and education, and a record of community engagement. The ideal candidate is one who can think deeply about a broad range of issues relating to the use of, and access to, information. Comfort with technology, including both its present applications and its future potential, is a necessity. Also required is an appetite for leadership in helping to define and shape the responses of legal education and the legal profession to emerging research, teaching, and service technologies.

While the exact contours of the position must await the identification of the person who will fill the position, areas of responsibility are likely to include the following: (1) strategic planning; (2) interfacing with other departments at the Law School and with research centers at Duke University focusing on data, innovation, and technology; (3) management and development of staff; (4) collaboration with faculty to shape the curriculum and pedagogy in light of the changing opportunities and challenges; (5) leadership nationally among data access and public service networks; (6) communication and public relations; and (7) personal research and scholarly writing.

Interested applicants should submit a CV/résumé and a letter of interest that, among other things, proposes brief answers to one or more of the following questions:

What qualities relating to libraries, information access, and technology will define a great law school in 2025? 2050?
How can and should data science be integrated into legal research and teaching?
In what directions does the library have opportunities to develop new services as an active and responsive force in the educational life of the law school and changing faculty scholarship?
What technological and information management skills and understanding do law students need to become effective lawyers of the future, and what is a library’s role in providing this training?

Please share this announcement with those who might be interested. A candidate’s statement of interest should be sent via email by Friday, January 26, 2018 to the Search Committee at associatedeansearch@law.duke.edu

Employer will assist with relocation costs.