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Type P
Entered 10/9/2017
Company NYC Small Business Services - New York, NY
Position Records Preservationist
Close Not Specified
Salary $35.33 - $48.75/year
URL http://on.nyc.gov/2gq2oPw

SBS’s Waterfront Permits Unit regulates construction permits related to improvements or maintenance of waterfront properties under its jurisdiction. Permitting operations include reviewing scope of construction, plan examinations for compliance with New York City Zoning and Building Code, issuing construction permits, coordinating inspections, close-outs, compliance and records management.

The Unit is offering a temporary position to an individual trained in Records Management and Information Sciences with experience in inventorying and indexing permitting records, as well as developing archival frameworks and policies.
Records include permitting application documents and drawings. The work will be conducted at two locations: at SBS’s main office in lower Manhattan, at 110 William St. and at the Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) at 140, 58th Street, Brooklyn.

Working with the Project Manager and Programmer, the Records Preservationist will develop a system to receive future application records electronically and assist in developing a suitable user interface framework for past and future filings. They will also oversee and work in coordination with the Records Archivist in assessing progress that Unit has made in this project.

This job may include driving, lifting and moving heavy cartons and boxes to and from shelving and work locations. This is a temporary grant funded position.

Job Responsibilities:
•Develop workflows and process for the Unit’s modernization efforts.
•Develop policies for long-term preservation and access to electronic records.
•Develop a digitization program compatible with the waterfront operations archival system.
•Develop the framework report for an integrated records management system for the Waterfront Permits Unit.
•Coordinate with SBS’s Waterfront Permits Operations technical team to analyze the work flow and develop a system to receive future application records electronically from the applicants, with limited in-house scanning capabilities. Assess user needs to access records electronically and develop suitable user interface framework.
•Coordinate with SBS’s IT team to test the use of BOX (or equivalent electronic file storage system) for storing electronic records.
•Coordinate with SBS’s PMO team to integrate the electronic records management system within the agency’s client response management and communication system.
•Supervise records archivist in assessing past work and oversee tests with different samples of digitized records varying in types, sizes, and formats, and assess the user interface needs.
•Assist in finalizing the report on policies and procedures for an integrated electronic records management system for the Unit.

Minimum Qual Requirements

1. A masters degree from an accredited college with a major in business administration, public administration, urban planning, economics, urban affairs, marketing research, finance, or political science; or

2. A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college and one year of full-time satisfactory experience in one or more of the following:
a. business development, retention, expansion and relocation or assisting businesses in accessing public and private services and programs including workforce development; or
b. analysis of business records and documents to determine eligibility of businesses for programs and services; or
c. economic, market or site research and analysis for business and neighborhood development; or
d. facilitation and promotion of the film industry through the processing of various permits, marketing techniques and incentive programs; or

3. An associate degree or 60 semester credits from an accredited college and three years of full-time satisfactory experience as described in “2” above; or

4. A satisfactory combination of education and experience which is equivalent to “1”, “2”, or “3” above. However, all candidates must have least 60 semester credits from an accredited college or university.

Preferred Skills

•Ability to develop policies and procedures of the electronic records management that is compatible with existing and future converted records
•Familiarity with the New York State Archives Digital Imaging Guidelines, New York State Achieves Publication #9 on Producing High-Quality Microfilm, and New York State Achieves Publication #77 on Managing Imaging and Micrographics Projects
•Ability to work with a diverse group of technical, clerical and records management staff
•Possess strong written and verbal skills
•Demonstrate supervisory responsibilities.
•Experience with MS Access
•Formal training in paper conservation

To Apply

Please email your resume and cover letter including the following subject line: Records Preservationist to: careers@sbs.nyc.gov

Internal candidates please email your resume and cover letter including the following subject line: Records Preservationist to: HRHELP2@sbs.nyc.gov

Salary: $41 per hour + 8.72% Seasonal Employee Fringe Benefits


If you do not have access to email, mail your cover letter & resume to:
NYC Department of Small Business Services / Human Resources Unit
110 William Street / New York, New York 10038

Residency Requirement

New York City residency is generally required within 90 days of appointment. However, City Employees in certain titles who have worked for the City for 2 continuous years may also be eligible to reside in Nassau, Suffolk, Putnam, Westchester, Rockland, or Orange County. To determine if the residency requirement applies to you, please discuss with the agency representative at the time of interview.