Richardson's Travel Abroad

Since childhood, I have wanted to travel to Kranjovia and Brungaria, having been inspired by Edward Stratemeyer, but it has been the profession of librarianship which has afforded me quite a few unexpected opportunities to travel in the first, second, and third worlds; and I do believe that "you have to see the world to understand it:"

Extensive travel in western Canada (Alberta and British Columbia) and Mexican states: Baja California Norte, Mexico City D.F., Sonora, Chihuahua, Quintana Roo, and Yucatan.

Having experienced a fair amount of international travel, I think it is reasonable to speak about the periodization of one’s overseas experiences in stages: 1) surrealism (where am I?), 2) anger (why don’t things work the way they are supposed to?), 3) acceptance of this alternate reality, and the final stage: 4) nostalgia.  These periods can be characterized as the four stages of culture shock.


Updated: 12 September 2015.