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The Center for Embedded Networked Sensing is a U.S. National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center based at UCLA that includes dozens of cooperating scientists, technologists, educators, and teachers (middle school and high school). CENS is a large, multidisciplinary research collaboration among multiple universities.The Center was launched in August, 2002, with funding to 2007, and renewable to 2012. CENS investigators manage many additional grant projects through the Center.

CENS is developing embedded networked sensing systems and applying this technology to scientific applications. These are large-scale, distributed, systems composed of smart sensors and actuators embedded in the physical world. They monitor and collect information on such diverse subjects as plankton colonies, bird behavior, plant growth, contaminants in soil and water, and structural integrity of buildings, bridges, and other human-made structures. A central goal of embedded networked sensing systems is the ability to reveal previously unobservable phenomena. The researchers in CENS are investigating fundamental properties of these systems, developing new enabling technologies, and exploring novel scientific and educational applications. Computer scientists, engineers, and scientists (e.g., biology, geology, seismology, environmental sciences, marine sciences) from multiple universities are collaborating to design and deploy these systems. As the Center has evolved, scholars in related fields have joined our projects, including participating faculty from statistics, law, architecture, design, and film.

Our scope in CENS includes design of infrastructure for managing scientific data, design of tools to make data useful for educational applications, and guidance on policy for sharing data. The content in CENS consists of real-time data generated by scientific research projects, rather than resources already collected into a digital library. The effort on this project was accelerated by an additional grant from the National Science Foundation specifically for data management and educational research (Sandoval & Borgman, 2004-2008).

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Recent Publications

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Recent Presentations

Christine L. Borgman (2007) Internet Search and Scientific Information Practices. 2007 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, San Francisco, CA. [ppt]

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The data management and education research in CENS is conducted in collaboration with Jillian C. Wallis of CENS and three faculty members of the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies: William A. Sandoval and Noel Enyedy, both of the Department of Education, and Jonathan Furner of the Department of Information Studies who participated in 2004-2005. Students and post-doctoral fellows who have participated on the data management team since 2002 are Kalpana Shankar, Eun Park, Stasa Milojevic, Jillian Wallis, and Matthew Mayernik. Participation of Alberto Pepe, Ph.D. student in Information Studies, on the data management research team for 2006-2008 is funded by a gift from Microsoft Technical Computing. CENS is funded by National Science Foundation Cooperative Agreement #CCR-0120778, Deborah L. Estrin, UCLA, Principal Investigator; Christine L. Borgman is a co-Principal Investigator. Further research on data management described here is funded by NSF award number ESI-0352572, William A. Sandoval, Principal Investigator; Christine L. Borgman, co-Principal Investigator. We have enjoyed the extensive contributions to our work made by members of the education team, including (during the period covered in these papers) Sara Terheggen, Karen Kim, Joe Wise, Kathy Griffis, Andy Wu, Kelli Millwood, and Jeff Bockert.

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