What we're all about

We are committed to promoting equity in information services through the naming, prevention, and destruction of barriers built on systemic imbalances related to class, race, ethnicity, language, sex, age, and disabilities. We promote and support actions that advance inclusion in all aspects of our profession. We are committed to defending and promoting these principles through open dialogue and debate with those who may oppose them. As a campus group, we will serve as a touchstone for various established organizations that recognize and value cultural diversity in libraries; invite speakers who share these principles and have knowledge and experience in their application; and encourage our members to seek out, develop, and take part in community projects congruent with our ideals. Membership will be open to students, interested UCLA staff, and working librarians EVERYWHERE of all job categories and disciplines.

What's new

ALE is officially being restarted in order offer students an opportunity to put their ideals into practice. Our first meeting is Wednesday, May 19th at 12:30-1:30 in the IS Commons.
Our first project is the creation book collection for day laborers at the West Los Angeles Job Center.  If you are interested in helping us start this collection we would appreciate volunteers over the summer as well as next year.  There is also an opportunity to work with an undergraduate student group that provides computer literacy and ESL classes for the workers on Friday and Saturday.

Our Mission Statement

The Activist Librarians & Educators recognize that when information is operationalized as a commodity, its production, acquisition, management and distribution entails economic, social, and political consequences. ALE seeks to identify and to work against social imbalances resulting from the ways information is evaluated and devalued, promoted and proscribed, held and withheld.

We do this by visiting and discussing information agencies; by formulating and carrying out projects that address information inequities; by arranging talks and forums with speakers who can sharpen our perception of these issues; and by keeping one another abreast of publications, groups, and events relevant to our various concerns.

Membership is open to all...

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